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At Wave, we are committed to progressing the social, emotional and academic outcomes for all of our students to enable them to achieve their true potential.

In line with our company vision to 'significantly change student lives for the better', the Wave Trust has introduced an "Awe and Wonder" scheme for our students. This is money that is dedicated to provide our students access to activities and events that they may not normally have the opportunity to experience.

This can include specialist training and education opportunities, trips to sporting or cultural events, visits abroad, the opportunities are endless.

We are continuously looking for ways to raise funds for the "Awe & Wonder" scheme to enable more students to experience those 'once in a life time' activities. The ones that they will remember forever and make a real difference to the individual. Perhaps even inspiring them to take a different path or course of action as a result

If you would like to make a donation to the Trust鈥檚 Awe and Wonder fund whether it be for a specific academy or activity or just as a general gift to a great cause then it couldn鈥檛 be easier. You can make a donation through your bank to our dedicated Awe and Wonder fund account please email  for the Awe and Wonder account details. 100% of all of the donations made to the Awe & Wonder Fund is spent on the students.